Guide to Finnish Declension

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Title Guide to Finnish Declension
AuthorZsuzsanna Oinas
Publisher Finnlibri
Place of publishingEspoo, Finland
Year of publishingApril 2008
Size150x210 mm
Weight0.2 kg
LanguageFinnish, English
Book review
This guide presents forty two declension tables of forty two Finnish word types (nominal types)and additional declension tables of most frequent pronouns. Each declension table includes a short description of the respective word type and followed by a list of examples that are to decline according to the model word. Examples subject to consonant gradation are indicated accordingly. The examples are organized into easy-to-learn rhythmic groups. The book also includes a grammatical introduction with informative charts and tables. The focus of the introduction is on the formation of cases and stems in singular and plural.Consonant gradation and the alternation of strong and weak stems is presented in an easy-to-understand way.