Guide to Finnish Verbs

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Title Guide to Finnish Verbs.
120 Finnish Verbs Fully Conjugated
AuthorZsuzsanna Oinas
Place of publishingEspoo, Finland
Year of publishing2005, 2006
Size180x260 mm
Weight0.4 kg
LanguageFinnish, English
Book review
This reference guide presents the fully conjugated forms of 120 Finnish verbs. The verbs are conjugated in all the tenses and moods in active and passive voices. The infinitive and the participle forms are listed as well. In addition to the affirmative, all forms are given also in the negative. The verbs are arranged according to verb types. Within a verb type you will find numerous verbs subject to consonant gradation. Each verb table is followed by a list of similar verbs. The guide also includes a short grammatical introduction to Finnish verbs. The last part of the book includes an alphabetical list of 1200 Finnish verbs with references to the verb tables.